Patient Engagement Professional

Total.Care’s cloud-based Patient Engagement solution is built from a series of micro-services that are optimally configured to support a myriad of differing patient engagement requirements.  Easily build and manage custom menus, complex employee profiles, and sophisticated callflows—all in a drag-n-drop, building-block palette that turns templates and objects into functional code at the click of a mouse.

For patient engagement centers with multiple employee skills sets (administration, patient accounting, clinical and support) working across several domains, or distributed over multiple locations, this advanced solution creates a virtual, yet unified view of your workforce.  Group employees by skillset and route calls and inquiries accordingly. Provide granular Service Level Agreement (SLA) workflows to ensure performance and patient satisfaction.

Dramatically improve performance with our Quality Management module and library of Workforce Management Solutions.

Total.Care leverages TotalTriage’s integration with leading EMR’s, so live and online interactions can be captured in the patient’s record.  Your caregivers also benefit from having patient information at their fingertips when interacting with them.  

With our intuitive administrative console, easily leverage our API’s for seamless integration with your other mission-critical applications and customer information databases. 

One thing is certain – your business will change and evolve over time.  Our advanced cloud solution ensures that we evolve with you. You can change your scripts, routing rules, application layout, agent monitoring services, or add new channels of engagement.  But you’ll never have to change your patient engagement solution again.

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