There are a wide variety of phones to choose when considering to buy a VOIP hardware phone. When selecting a phone for your call center you have a few factors to consider. Let’s go through some of the factors and elaborate on what they mean to you and your business.

Cost – This is an important factor, depending on the level of investment and capabilities needed. You want a good quality phone but the ability to provide the necessary quantity to your call center.

Technology – The technology that is built within the phone itself is key since hardware phones can do quite a bit more than one would imagine. Not all phones are “pick up and hang up”. Some of the technologies you can utilize on your phone are:

  • Touchscreen
  • Having additional lines
  • Headset compatibility
  • HD audio quality
  • Supports Opus Codec

Languages – Some phones come with the ability to change the language for the user. This will allow them to be able to select a language they are comfortable with just a press of a few buttons.

Ease of Access – A complicated setup can cause you headaches. With the Yealink phone that we recommend, it takes no more than 5 minutes to set it up anywhere. If a setup isn’t easy as plug and play, you may want to consider some things, how to set up the phone within your network, first-time setup on your phone, and the general use of the phone’s functions as a whole. If any of those steps cause unnecessary grief, try exploring other options. The whole Idea of VOIP phones and technology is to make sure your solution is easy and as simple as possible.

Mobility – Whether you want to have a desk jack, wall mount, or completely hands-free, there are many options here that you can use when using a VOIP phone.

Total.Care recommends the Yealink T21P E2, this is the model of the Yealink phone that we use for our own system, it has 2 lines, HD audio, and works reliably within our platform. Don’t feel that this is the only choice of phone that you can pick, most any VOIP phone will work.